19 Mar

MUSA will be hosting the annual ClusterFunk event at 2108 Club Terrace on Friday, March 21st, and let me tell you, it’s gonna be legend-wait for it-ARY. The event will feature McGill’s very own Busty and the Bass from 9-10:30pm and will be under Hotel 10, right at Sherbrooke and St. Laurent. You can get your tickets from any one of the MUSA execs at $10/each. Tickets are on sale now! Every ticket includes one free drink and a guaranteed good time. Be forewarned, you will not get in unless you have:

1) Proper semiformal/dress to impress dress code

2) A Government issued ID

This event is going to be SO swanky and fun, that you should invite all of your friends- ALL OF THEM- music student or not! Anyone can attend so long as they have a ticket! Visit the ClusterFunk Facebook event page for more details!